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CAYCI Surveys & Technical Reports

There are four versions of the CAYCI survey available:

Elementary School
K-6 Students


Middle / High School
7-12 Students


Parents / Caregivers


Teachers / Staff


Which surveys are right for me?

The CAYCI SES includes four surveys because we know that your school and community’s success depends on more than just what happens in the classroom. Children and youth are asked about the school and its supports for academic learning, youth development, and overall well-being. Teachers, staff, and administrators are asked about the school environment and student body, with a particular focus on how the whole school and local community work to support student achievement. Finally, parent/caregivers are asked not only about their children’s learning and development, but also about their own involvement in their children’s education and development.

The CAYCI SES can be customized to your needs. Each survey contains several scales (see the table below). You can select all or just a few scales to match the priorities of your school and community. This way, you can measure only the factors of most relevant to you locally. The surveys are in the public domain and free to use! We just ask that you email us for permission so that we can track how the tools are used and continue to improve our offerings.

How were the surveys developed?

Through pilots in Ohio and Utah, we have tested these tools to make sure they gather reliable and valid information. In fact, the CAYCI SES is now part of the Safe Supportive Learning Environment’s compendium of tools. Additionally, these surveys are offered in Spanish at your convenience.

The table below shows what scales are in each survey. Click on each PDF icon to access the technical reports and read more about the psychometric properties of the individual scales. Once you’re ready to start using the surveys, click here to find out how!

For surveys and assessment tools designed for sport-, recreation, and play-based programming, please visit: LiFEsports Survey Tools & Technical Reports .

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Technical Report Elementary School Middle / High School Teacher / Staff Parent / Caregiver
Academic & Learning Supports
Support for Learning PDF PDF
Overall Experiences of School PDF
Experiences of Teacher and School Support PDF
Career and College Readiness PDF PDF
Academic Press PDF PDF PDF
Academic Motivation PDF PDF PDF
Family Engagement
Support for Students’ Basic Needs PDF
School Support for Parent/Caregiver Engagement PDF
School and Community Support Services for Parents/Caregivers PDF
Perceived Family History PDF
Parental Involvement PDF PDF
Parent/Caregiver Support PDF
Family Support for Pro-Social Activities PDF
Family Support for Learning PDF
Family and Community Connections PDF PDF
Engagement Efficacy PDF
School Climate & Non-Academic Conditions
Teacher/Staff Commitment PDF
Student Social Skills PDF PDF PDF
Student Psychological Well-being PDF
School Support for Pro-Social Activities PDF
School Connectedness PDF PDF PDF
Perceived School Climate PDF
Perceived Learning Support PDF
Peer Relationships PDF PDF
Internalizing Behaviors PDF PDF PDF
Externalizing Behaviors PDF PDF PDF
Diversity PDF PDF
Community Services & Supports PDF
Community Supports for Positive Youth Development PDF
Other Key Measures
Alcohol, Tobacco, & Drug Use
Physical Activity & Nutrition
Involvement in Activities PDF PDF PDF

Please scroll horizontally to view the full table.

Citation for surveys:
Anderson-Butcher, D., Amorose, A.J., Iachini, A., & Ball, A. (2013). Community and Youth Collaborative Institute School Experience Surveys. Columbus, OH: College of Social Work, The Ohio State University.