Community and Youth Collaborative Institute (CAYCI)


Mental Health-Education Integration Consortium (MHEDIC)

MHEDIC Group Photo

The Mental Health-Education Integration Consortium (MHEDIC) aims to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and professional workforce preparation for the many disciplines involved in supporting student learning and mental health. These include educators, mental health and health staff, families and youth, advocates, and others. Dawn Anderson-Butcher and Samantha Bates currently serve on the leadership committee of MHEDIC.


  1. Equipping and empowering educators in their roles as promoters of student mental health and mental health staff to work effectively in schools. Tools used include pre-service, graduate, and in-service training.
  2. Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and mutual support among families and youth, as well as education and mental health/health professionals who work in schools.
  3. Building research and advancing policy related to mental health and education systems working closely together to improve programs and services to achieve valued outcomes for students and schools.


MHEDIC members host biannual meetings each spring and fall.  The content of the meetings are organized around MHEDIC’s four central priorities: teaching and learning, research, practice, and policy.  During the meetings, members have numerous opportunities to discuss and collaborate on the topics of mental health and education. 


Our next MHEDIC meeting will be in Columbus, Ohio, in November 2022! Visit our site to learn more details that are forthcoming!