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The Community & Youth Collaborative Institute School Experience Surveys (CAYCI-SES) were developed over many years and with input from district, school, and community stakeholders. Schools that have used them have found that the items/constructs resonate well with expanded school improvement efforts. There are four versions – elementary student, middle/high school student, teacher/staff, and parent/caregiver. For a minimal cost, CAYCI can provide schools with additional supports in collecting (through both paper & electronic versions) and understanding your data. Costs associated with using the CAYCI SES vary based on how many schools participate, how many survey versions are used, what data collection methods are used.

The base fee charged varies per school and depends on how many versions of the survey are being used. See table one. A 10% discount is available for projects involving more than three schools. This fee includes, support with online data collection and generation of individual school reports (one report per version of survey used). These base fees are for schools utilizing the online survey platform for all data collection, if hard copies will also be used please see table two.

Table One: Base Fee per School*

Number of Survey Versions Base Fee per School*
1 Survey Versions $350
2 Survey Versions $450
3 Survey Versions $500
4 Survey Versions $550

*Includes online data collection & standard report; If surveys are collected in paper-pencil format, there is an additional cost which covers the provision of hard copies of surveys and manual data entry. Further customization of services may be available for an additional cost.

Table Two: Hard Copy Fee

Number of Hard Copies Hard Copy Fee*
0-250 $250
250-500 $500
500-1000 $700
1000+ $900

*Based on Total Number of Surveys Across Versions

Table Three: Additional Service Fee per Version per School

Additional Services Per School Fee*
3-5 District Questions $50
Open-Ended Question $75
Additional Language $50
Building Trend Report $250
Full District Report $500
District Trend Report $500
Additional Analytic Support TBD

*Survey Versions = Elementary, Middle/High, Teacher/Staff, and Parent/Caregiver