Community and Youth Collaborative Institute (CAYCI)

Hilliard City Schools Partnership


The partnership between Hilliard City Schools and CAYCI focuses on providing additional interventions and support for students and families. This work is critical for addressing non-academic barriers to learning, promoting student engagement and attendance, and promoting positive youth development.

One strength of this partnership is the level of support our students experience from supervisors and district leaders. Student interns meet monthly with district leaders, their field supervisor, and Dr. Samantha Bates (Assistant Professor CSW) to engage in group-based learning. Students also have a field instructor who does weekly supervision sessions with them, and they receive informal support from social workers and administrators in their respective buildings.

Attendance and Truancy Support Services

The primary role of the interns focuses on preventing and intervening in absenteeism and supporting students’ overall health and well-being. In addition, interns will conduct individual student support sessions focused on mental health/crises, resume/job help, problem-solving, attendance barriers, mentorship, health concerns, life skills, future planning, and support/empowerment. Interns develop a caseload of 10-12 high-need students and engage in assessment processes, including intake, follow-up, and case management procedures for high-need students.

Attendance and Truancy Support Services

A secondary role is observing Tier II intervention, such as psychoeducational groups, during each school semester with the permission of counselors and social workers in the district. Interns have opportunities to observe Tier II interventions within schools to identify best practices for motivating students and supporting holistic health, well-being, and coping.

Promotion of Positive School Climate and On-Going Professional Development

A tertiary role is integrating into the school community and observing climate and culture Tier I activities, including extracurricular activities, clubs/groups, parent/family engagement events, and district-wide professional development (PD) sessions. In alignment with this internship opportunity is the potential to participate in an innovative Tier I intervention targeting student-athletes. Hilliard’s three high schools (Bradley, Darby, and Davidson) are leading partners locally in implementing our Coach Beyond Life and Leadership Series. To learn more, click here.