Youth Sport

Sport and physical activity programs can provide an effective vehicle for pIMG_6328romoting the personal and social development of young people.  Sports, when carefully constructed, have the potential to reduce risk factors and promote protective factors among youth participants, developing life skill and athletic competencies (Anderson-Butcher, 2012).  By encouraging participants in active play, sports programs also help promote healthy lifestyles and weight among youth, an important goal given that approximately 16.9% of American youth are obese (Ogden, Carroll, & Flegal, 2014). Finally, sport has the ability to transcend cultural boundaries and foster relationships between diverse people and communities (Beutler, 2008; Kidd, 2008).

Given the many positive benefits, CAYCI strives to further the field of youth sport through its key leadership role in the LiFE Sports Initiative and work on community projects.  The projects featured here represent the work of CAYCI in this area.  Click on the project names below to learn more. In addition, members of the CAYCI team are active in their communities as youth sport coaches and as volunteers with sport teams and the Special Olympics. For publications & resources resulting from CAYCI’s work within youth sport, check out the research and publications page.

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