Mental Health – Education Integration

Providing students and families with the services and support they need is a priority for schools and district across Ohio. In 2006-2007, CAYCI and the Ohio Department of Education partnered to focus on the refinement and coordination of mental health service delivery within schools and districts.  This work was funded by a United States Department of Education’s (USDOE) Mental Health-Education Integration Grant.  The first of three priorities for this grant was piloting the Ohio Community Collaboration Model for School Improvement (OCCMSI) in two local school districts (Fostoria Community and Lima City), with particular focus on the health and social services pathway.   The second priority was the development of a School Linkage Protocol Technical Assistance Guide, which helps school districts expand, refine, and coordinate services and supports for youth and their families.  The final priority of this grant was connecting with statewide and national agenda around school-based mental health.  While this project was more encompassing than just the implementation of the OCCMSI, the successes at the pilot schools did demonstrate the utility of the OCCMSI model.  For example, the Freedom Elementary School within Lima City Schools moved from Academic Emergency to Continuous Improvement during the 13 month implementation project.  Fostoria Community Schools cultivated relationships with three county mental health boards in order to streamline the delivery of mental health services within its three county school district.

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