Jonathan Alder School Community

During February of 2015, two students attending the Jonathan Alder (JA) High School died by suicide. The
loss of two teens brought significant grief and sadness to the community. These critical incidences, however,
engendered a sense of urgency in multiple stakeholders, including youth, parents/caregivers, teachers,
coaches, school and district administrators, faith-based leaders, health and mental health providers and funders. Now more than ever leaders from multiple backgrounds and organizations desired to work together to find answers, strategize solutions, and ensure no additional lives were lost.


In the end, steps undertaken between the JA School Community and CAYCI can help inform others in Ohio and nationally interested in fostering better outcomes for youth, especially those who are falling through the cracks. Perhaps the action steps taken in the JA School Community, as well as lessons learned and recommendations, may help others to better support young people through strategic school-family-community partnerships and expanded
planning processes.


To overview the work completed in JA School Community, please view the 2015-2016 Final Report: Jonathan Alder Final Report