Coordinated School Health Program

The main goal of the Ohio Coordinated School Health Program: Physical Activity, Nutrition,
andMPP0094536[1] Tobacco-Use (CSHP-PANT) project was to promote schools’ adoption of best practices that would help meet the health and education needs of local communities.  With support from CAYCI, the Ohio Departments of Education and Health received a grant in 2008 to develop a state-level, inter-agency system.  Once in place, this coordinated system enhanced the state departments’ capacity to support schools and districts looking to implement evidence-based CSHP-PANT models and leverage CSHP-PANT resources.  Through this system, more professional development opportunities and technical assistance were made available to local and regional professionals working on coordinated school health.  Finally, coordination across systems was expected to improve the ability of the state to gather and act upon data revealing priority health and education disparities.  Once the grant was awarded, CAYCI assisted with the initial start-up of the Initiative.  More information about the continued, coordinated school health efforts in Ohio can be found on the Healthy Ohio website.

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