Given the high-stakes testing environment of today’s schools School Girland the pressure on schools prepare students for post-secondary success, there is a critical need for innovative ways to meet both the academic and non-academic needs of students (Adelman & Taylor, 2000; Anderson-Butcher et al., 2010; Weist, 1999). Especially in schools and districts serving vulnerable, diverse children, youth, and families, it is impossible to achieve educational goals without addressing health, mental health, and social service needs. Consider, for example, these statistics:

  • 7,000 youth drop out each day in the United States (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2008)
  • 20-25% of children are living in poverty (Klebanoff & Muramatsu, 2002; Nowicki, 2003)
  • 5-10% of youth have a persistent, severe emotional disturbance (Merikangas et al., 2010)

In light of these trends and the barriers to learning that can result, CAYCI has prioritized working with partners in the education field to find ways to improve the conditions for learning. The projects featured in this section of our rwebsite represent the work of CAYCI as it has related to schools. Click on the project names, organized by CAYCI’s role in each, to learn more. For publications & additional resources resulting from CAYCI’s work with schools, check out our research and publications page.

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