The Center for Systems Change is a social and disability policy think tank. They address issues affecting people with developmental and other disabilities.  They promote collaboration among service providers from different disciplines, individuals, and families, and they aims to inform policies based on the needs of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder.

The CSC is located within the Ohio Center for Autism and Low-Incidence (OCALI), which serves families, educators, and professionals working with individuals with autism and low incidence disabilities by building state and system wide capacity to improve outcomes. They do this by providing leadership, training and professional development, technical assistance, collaboration, and technology.

CSC, OCALI, and the Central Ohio Educational Service Centers commissioned CAYCI to examine the service delivery system for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the state of Ohio. This work included two components. The first component was a fiscal analysis of the state and federal funding streams to support ASD services and supports. The fiscal analysis sought to identify primary investments areas and gaps in funding. The second component was an exploration of parent and service provider perceptions of the service delivery system. Telephone interviews and focus groups were used to examine perceptions of health, mental health, and educational services, barriers to services, gaps in funding, and mutual support networks. The results of this results of this study will be used to inform OCALI’s current and future work.

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