Mobile Learning Institute

From 2009 to 2011, CAYCI was funded by the Pearson Foundation to provide consultation and technical assistance in the ongoing internal evaluation of the Mobile Learning Institute (MLI). MLI is a leading voice in documenting and sharing best-practice in “Convergent learning.” Outside the classroom, digital and mobile technologies are rapidly changing the way young people learn about the world, show what they know, and share their ideas.  Convergent learning promotes the innovative use of digital and mobile-learning practices in classrooms and after-school in order to productively channel youths’ interest and abilities in modern technology.

CAYCI’s involvement with the MLI was centered on two main priorities.  Specifically, CAYCI assisted with the refinement of the MLI program design and theory of change and provided ongoing consultation and technical assistance in support of MLI’s comprehensive internal evaluation.  The key findings from this project emphasized the potential impact that MLI could have by expanding the purview of technology in educational settings.  Several progress indicators and preliminary evidence suggested that the MLI was developing students’ 21st century skills and empowering teachers to do the same.

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