Cardinal Health – Generation Rx

Cardinal Health commissioned the Community and Youth Collaborative Institute at The Ohio State University (CAYCI-OSU) to to evaluate and build capacity in relation to the Generation Rx Prescription Drug Misuse Prevention Education for Youth Grant Program and Initiative. There are four evaluation priorities: (1) Development of tools and support the creation of the Cardinal evaluation system to document the progress and outcomes associated with grantee prevention education strategies (2) Evaluation the overall and site-specific prevention education efforts of funded grantees (3) Support of grantee efforts and other Cardinal priorities through technical assistance, consultation and capacity-building (4) Administration and oversight of the project and investment.

Cardinal Health Generation Rx is an educational program supporting prevention of prescription drug misuse across several populations including Elementary, Teen, and University. The mission of Generation Rx “is to educate people of all ages about the potential dangers of misusing prescription medications. In doing so, we strive to enhance medication safety among our youth, college students, other adults in our communities, and older adults. Prescription medications can help us live longer and healthier lives, but any medication has the potential to do harm – especially when misused.”

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CAYCI built on the prior partnership from 2010 to 2014, when CAYCI partnered with Cardinal Health to evaluate the Preventing the Abuse & Misuse of Prescription Drugs Grant Program. For more information on the prior Generation Rx Evaluation visit: