Capital Kids

In 2000, under the direction of Mayor Michael Coleman, the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department implemented a new afterschool model at four Community Recreation Centers across Columbus.  This program – the Capital Kids (CK) program – was developed to provide academic, enrichment, and socialization programs.  Dr. Dawn Anderson-Butcher, the primary investigator in CAYCI, along with Dr. Scottye Cash of the OSU College of Social Work, conducted a two part evaluation of Capital Kids.  The first phase  utilized formative evaluation strategies to develop a comprehensive understanding of what was working within CCK, what was not working, and what program strategies could be improved upon. The second evaluation Phase explored academic outcomes associated with participation.  Specifically, the academic indicators of CK participants were compared to of non-participants of similar demographics.  The results, fully described in the Capital Kids Evaluation Report, suggested that the CCK program had significant impacts on promoting school attendance among children participants; that children attending CCK had better grades across the school year; and finally that children attending CCK may potentially have significant longer-term benefits.


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