MHEDIC Meetings

MHEDIC members host biannual meetings each spring and fall.  The content of the meetings are organized around MHEDIC’s four central priorities: teaching and learning, research, practice, and policy.  During the meetings, members have numerous opportunities to discuss and collaborate on the topics of mental health and education.  For more information on past MHEDIC meetings, please click on the links below.

2018: Colorado State University

2017: Miami University

2016: University of Utah

2015: Binghamton University, SMHILE

2014: Loyola University, University of South Carolina

2013: The Ohio State UniversitySouth Florida

2012: Penn State UniversityUtah

2011: University of South Carolina

2010: University of PittsburghUniversity of Missouri 

2009: Loyola University, Appalachian State University

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