Our Students

Tasha Henderson 

(BSEd, The Ohio State University) is a masters student in the College of Social Work. Tasha has been part of CAYCI/LiFEsports for the past two years, during which time she has been a part of several projects including work with Canyons School District and Hamilton STEM Academy. Within LiFEsports, Tasha plays a key role in collecting research during annual summer camp and assists with managing development gifts to the organization. She has led projects advancing the dissemination of healthy lifestyle results within the initiative.  Her primary research interests include adolescent behavior, school social work, school climate, teacher integration and interdisciplinary teams.


Tarkington J. NIMG_6094ewman

(MSW, University of Michigan; MS, The Ohio State University) is a doctoral candidate in the College of Social Work at The Ohio State University (OSU). He previously worked as Graduate Research Associate for the LiFEsports Initiative and was awarded a Graduate Enrichment Fellowship while at OSU. Tarkington’s research interests focuses on the youth development, primarily through sport and recreation among youth of color living in urban settings who are socially vulnerable and/or at-risk for poor developmental outcomes. Specifically, his focus is on the role of the youth sport leader (e.g., sport coach) and their coaching practices related to facilitating life skill development and promoting life skill transfer. Additionally, he is interested in the utilization of experiential learning theory and adventure pedagogy to enhance programs serving youth. Tarkington has co-authored several publications in peer-refereed journals such as: Research on Social Work Practice, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, and Journal of Experiential Education. Tarkington has also taught a variety of undergraduate courses in social work and sport science departments such as: Applying Evidence (Research Methods); Prevention and Youth Development though Sport, Recreation and Play; and Contemporary Issues in Sport. In addition to his academic work, he was trained as a school social worker, where he specialized in adventure-based therapy. He has also spent the last decade working with youth, their families, and the community through his service of coaching youth sport.